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Kianco Product design , As a consultancy providing consumer insight and creative ...more


Kianco Animation & Games development consulting, provide information on game industry ...more


Kianco Technologies web-hosting consulting provides cutting-edge insight into how ...more


Kianco Technologies Network systems provide information on network systems management ...more


Kianco Technologies research and development and design talents have been particularly focused on the following product industries; apparel, building materials, electronics, instruments, machinery, consumer products, medical devices and disposables, telecom equipments. Companies are now willing to outsource even the pacing technology that is intended to give them their competitive edge. An advantage of contracting out is that the work can go to wherever the best specialists and facilities are available.
We work with clients in need of a wide range of product design services across the new product development process. From market research and user research, concept generation and development, to product detailing and CAD development, along with in-house rapid prototyping - the company is able to offer an end to end solution for any product design problem.


Kianco Research and Development Technologies by collaboration with network of ...more


Kianco Technologies Search engine portal provide information and consulting on search engine ...more


Kianco Technologies software is a leading edge IT company offering offshore software ...more


Kianco Technologies VOIP affiliates are leading provider of enterprise-class, voice ...more


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